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Device: MacBook Pro Cases

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Leather MacBook Pro Cases

Our Labodet MacBook Pro leather cases are handcrafted and are a unique, trendy, and stylish way to keep your valuable MacBook Pro safe from daily bumps, nicks, and scratches. Compatible with MacBook Pro 12'', MacBook Pro 13'', and MacBook Pro 15'', our MacBook Pro computer cases are durable, and you can choose from various beautiful colors for a more personalized touch. This will make the leather MacBook Pro case truly yours.

We laser-cut our MacBook Pro leather cases with exacting finish and precision, each one by hand in order to bring out the saturated colors and luscious texture of every unique piece of alligator leather. You cannot mistake the hand feel, texture, depth, and smell of genuine alligator leather. This is why our unique MacBook Pro cases are popular and different from other leather cases for MacBook Pro.

Alligator Leather MacBook Cases

The minimalist and sleek design of our MacBook Pro cover cases contours the smooth and natural curves of the MacBook machine with a modest thickness. Labodet uses the absolute top-quality adhesive on our leather MacBook Pro case.

Secure Magnetic Closure

The hands-free closure on our MacBook Pro covers relies on several precisely positioned magnets in order to snap shut as soon as your MacBook Pro laptop is safely inside.

Custom MacBook Pro Cases

Imagine that your MacBook Pro slipped off of your table while you were working on it; if your machine had the best laptop cases MacBook Pro, note that this extra protection could have made an enormous difference.

Our leather MacBook Pro cases have many advantages over the competition; however, the main is that we never sacrifice quality. Focused on quality, innovation, and convenience, Labodet is a category leader in iPad and MacBook cases and covers.


We make sure the leather is sourced and tanned responsibly against measures such as traceability, effluent treatment, and resource consumption.

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  • Secure your MacBook Pro stylishly and gracefully with this alligator leather case
  • Available for all MacBook Pro models, years, and sizes
  • Handcrafted construction
  • Alligator leather and Italian calf leather lining
  • Perfectly tight fit – custom made for every MacBook Pro model
  • Alligator leather from France
  • Usual and unique colors
  • No metal hardware to avoid scratches
  • Optional personalization
  • Lightweight and sleek design

A Stylish and Practical Way to Protect Your MacBook Pro

Our MacBook Pro cases are also ideal for the everyday commuter who requires a stylish, simple, and functional solution for securely storing their MacBook Pro.

These handmade and extraordinary leather cases fit your MacBook Pro, keeping it adequately protected from the elements. These custom MacBook Pro leather cases also make the perfect gift for any occasion. It is an ideal gift for your friend, mother, child, father, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Labodet’s MacBook Pro cases are handmade from ethically sourced alligator leather and hand-stitched together with high-quality polyester thread. Our lightweight and compact leather cases are designed and made for maximum protection without the unnecessary burden of weight.

Best Material

Our extensive line of premium and durable MacBook Pro leather covers is available for the whole MacBook series, which is excellent. The exterior is carefully made from only the best alligator leather from France.

All of our MacBook cases and covers are handcrafted using responsibly sourced, noble, and premium materials. This is why our products last for a long time. The natural leather will age gracefully with time and gradual use and become even more classy and beautiful as the unique patina develops.

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